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The Silas Weir Mitchell Papers (MSS 2/241-03)

The S. Weir Mitchell Papers, spanning 1788 to 1949, contain Mitchell's correspondence, travel journals, diaries, literary notebooks, and manuscripts of his speeches, poems, and unpublished autobiography. The bulk of the collection concerns Mitchell's family life and literary career, but also present is material pertaining to Mitchell as a physician, such as correspondence with his British and American colleagues and records of his studies of patients with nerve injuries. The collection also includes Mitchell family papers, genealogical information, clippings, and correspondence pertaining to the preparation of a Mitchell biography.

Silas Weir Mitchell Collection (MSS 2/241-04)

The Silas Weir Mitchell collection contains material related to the personal and professional activities of Philadelphia-area physician and author Silas Weir Mitchell, as well as members of his family. This collection consists of selected manuscripts, photographs, and published material that have been separated from a larger collection by Norman Kane (A.B.A.A., Emeritus), and acquired by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Turner's Lane Hospital, case and follow-up studies of peripheral nerve disorders, including correspondence addressed to S. W. Mitchell

Incomplete but extensive notes of Civil War patients with gunshot wounds, principally taken by Mitchell; many of these were used in Mitchell's Reflex paralysis (Philadelphia, 1864) and Gunshot wounds and other injuries of nerves (Philadelphia, 1864), coauthored with George Morehouse and William Keen. Includes correspondence and follow-up case notes.